K7UltimateSecurity 16.0

Protects the PC against known threats

Protects the PC using powerful solutions. It features automatic virus signature update, secure backup and restore solution as well.

K7UltimateSecurity is a complex program that encapsulates various features that are meant to make your computer safer, by keeping viruses, malware, and other online threats at distance.
The program's interface isn't an award winner, having a simple menu, no theme customization options, and faded background colors. Other than that, the navigation through the menu is sometimes sluggish and the CPU usage is too high.

Skipping to features, it worths mentioned that this is where the program excels, thanks to its well-optimized functions adapted to nowadays technologies.

One of the above-mentioned features is the Smart Firewall that protects all communications between your computer and other computers on the Internet. It also has a smart detection function that stops network-based attacks.

Moreover, with Cerebro Scan Engine, a feature that uses artificial intelligence and machine learning, users are protected against old and new threats, all done in real time.

Not to mention, any kind of e-commerce operations are protected during online transactions, thanks to K7 Secure Transact system.

All in all, K7UltimateSecurity is powerful antivirus software, capable of making your computer's environment a safer place.

John Saunders
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Review summary


  • Has a smart detection feature
  • Uses AI and machine learning to detect threats
  • Protects online transactions


  • Has faded background colors
  • Lacks theme customization options
  • Has a high CPU usage
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